About Custmas

CustMaS is a project funded by Erasmus+ to design an empirically validated skills model for Business-to-Business customer management skills and a post-graduate level curriculum and program guide for developing these skills.

The project has the following objectives:

Sales occupations (i.e., sales engineers, sales representatives of services, wholesale, and manufacturing) have been classified as occupations with a bright outlook “projected to grow faster than average” and “to have 100,000 or more job openings over the period 2019-2029 [only] for the US” (o*net online, 2021). Importantly, the market reports insufficient note talent as a key barrier for B2B sellers in Europe (Integer Group & Coppeberg, 2021). It follows that European B2B firms need sales professionals that will be skillful in accommodating changing B2B buying behavior to compete for the markets of purchasing expenses.